Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Boss crosses the road


  1. No kidding, and he crosses it wherever he wants to.

  2. Holy moly. Almost drove into one here in Maine once with three other guys in a Honda Accord. Splat!

  3. When I used to live in Saint Anthony, Idaho, moose would wander downtown quite often, upsetting neighborhood dogs, chewing up shrubbery on lawns, and crapping on driveways.

    Between Ashton, Idaho and West Yellowstone, Montana, there are warning signs posted on the highway saying, "CAUTION: MOOSE CROSSING NEXT 40 MILES".

    I loved living there.

    I remember going deer hunting, and there were plenty of moose, for they knew that it was deer season and not moose season.

    As I was walking along, I encountered a moose, and knowing how dangerous they are, I very cautiously walked past him, rifle at the ready (but not deliberately menacing), and watching the moose as the moose watched me.

    Once, when driving to Salt Lake City through Parley's Canyon, I saw the carcass of a moose lying on the freeway.

    There was no vehicle around, but can you imagine the damage that an impact with a moose on a freeway would do to any speeding vehicle?

    I'm guessing whatever hit that moose was totalled, and the vehicle occupants likely injured or killed.