Sunday, May 22, 2016

Who's up for marrying the dictator's sister?

Ms Yo-jong, a recently elected member of the powerful Central Committee in North Korea, will have eligible men hand-selected by her brother to find herself a husband among them.
According to The Sun, a similar regime was put in place in 2012 but no man managed to live up to the high expectations set by 33-year-old Kim Jong-un.
Lucky chaps.  One can only imagine what would happen to you if you somehow forgot to take out the trash and she got ticked off.
The Sun reports candidates must be graduated from, or be students at Pyongyang’s Kim Il-sung University, be at least 5’10 tall and have served in the army.
I guess I'm out.  Good luck, everyone else.


  1. you are also already spoken for - j

  2. Yo Jong (whose name is actually Yo-Yo Jong) doesn't have freckles. I'll take a pass.

  3. I hear that Dennis Rodman is available.