Friday, April 29, 2016

The road trip to Portland and back.

Total distance traveled in the big Dodge in two days: 1245 long, long miles.

The beginning: somewhere around Dunnigan going north on I-5

Shasta Lake - basically full - bye, bye drought!

The secessionist north - there's a grassroots movement to separate the northern part of the state, basically from Sacramento northwards, and form a new state of Jefferson, to escape the tyranny of LA and SF.  Good luck.

The boy finished packing up from the dorm, the end of an era.  Next year he's in an apartment.

Triples in Oregon.  Keeping it weird on the freeway.

The boy pulling his shift behind the wheel

 Mount Shasta, a menacing presence over the land.  It's hard to picture how massive it is, and how it lords it over the landscape for miles and miles.  If it ever erupts...

The sun goes down somewhere around Williams, bringing an end to two blood curdling days of roadwork.


  1. Well done. You traveled through some beautiful scenery.

  2. That mountain is gorgeous! Glad you had a safe trip!

  3. I never realized how much my parents did for me until I did for my daughter. I'm glad I got to tell my Mom that.

  4. Mount Shasta is beautiful! I have the same feelings about the mountains here in Washington State...Mount Saint Helens comes to mind.

  5. You saw the Best parts of California! Glad you had a safe journey.

  6. Wow. Shasta is amazing. I saw mt St Helen n 2005 and that was unreal. We walked in a bit from the last visitors center.

    It would be nice to see the new state of Jefferson.

  7. The "boy"? Looks like a man to me...

    1. Size 15 feet. He's buying his own shoes now.

  8. I've been by Shasta lake since 1960 in my recollection, and I've never seen it full.

  9. Beautiful photos of a beautiful trip, especially the last one.

    That boy is so, so lucky to have a family like you all.

  10. Sorry I'm late to this party.
    I've lived in the North State since 1973 and have not yet taken any of the views here for granted.
    I am far enough south to be able to see the peaks in the Trinity Alps, as well as Shasta and Lassen.
    Also in that time I have seen the lake at its lowest and how it appears today.