Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Your hysterical doom article for today

"Millions of Americans living along the nation’s coasts will be forced to move inland by the end of the century as sea levels rise and storm surges become more frequent in this era of global climate change, a team of demographers foresees."
"And nearly 700,000 coastal residents in the Bay Area would be forced to move from their low-lying neighborhoods under the most extreme conditions, the forecasters say."
"According to their study, published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, America’s coastal areas, where as many as 13.1 million people will be living, could be prone to flooding by 2100. In the Bay Area, 250,000 people living in low-lying parts of San Mateo County would be forced to move, and in San Francisco some 33,000 would be affected, the researchers calculate."
Raise your hands, scream and shout!  "Experts say," they say.  A "team of demographers," whatever that is.  The fear mongering is getting ridiculous. 
"Mathew E. Hauer, a demographer at the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government, said he and his colleagues made their detailed forecasts by studying population trends in every American census block in every county of the 23 coastal states and the District of Columbia that could be affected by rising sea levels."
"In the Bay Area’s nine counties, for example, Hauer’s group estimates that more than 350,000 people will be forced to move to higher elevations before a sea level rise of 3 feet drowns their homes by the end of this century. If sea level rise reaches 6 feet, the total forced to move will reach more than 680,000, the group estimates."
My guess is that Mathew's (sic) department at the university needs a fat new government grant to continue to study the impending disaster - oh wait - the disaster isn't projected by the demographers to occur until 2100, when we will all be dead and gone.  Convenient.

To his credit, "Mathew" learned from Al Gore's mistake from predicting an ice free arctic in five years, seven years ago.  Now we won't know if he and his team are right until 2100.
And maybe "Mathew" should learn how to spell his own name correctly.

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  1. I'm 400 miles inland, but after reading this thread I'm headed to Home Depot to max out my credit card and start construction of my ark. (sarcasm switch off)