Saturday, March 12, 2016

Irony of the day: director of the Wallowa Avalanche Center in Pendleton killed in an avalanche

"Kip was out enjoying some backcountry skiing with an out-of-town friend on a welcome day off from the demanding duties at the avalanche center," the center said.
Wallowa County Sheriff Steve Rogers says it appears Rand was caught at the top of an avalanche and carried 600 feet down a nearly vertical slope.  
"He came to us with extensive avalanche training, many years of experience as a guide, avalanche educator and pro observer," according to the center's statement.

Apparently, all that was not enough.


  1. I like how they always say they where a ( PRO ) Then he should have known not to get in that situation

  2. Some people start to believe their resumes and then sh#t happens.

  3. Wow. The VERY definition of the word...

    [kuh m-pley-suh nt]
    pleased, especially with oneself or one's merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied.