Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I say, build it! But watch out that your kid or dog doesn't fall through.

It may not be ideal for sufferers of vertigo but it does sound spectacular. A competition to build a new footbridge at Tintagel Castle has been won by a design featuring a gap in the middle.
The daring concept proposes one cantilever on the Cornish mainland and another on the island fortress, where, legend has it, King Arthur was conceived. The two structures stretch out to each other across the void but do not quite meet.
According to the team behind the design, this gap will represent the “the transition between the mainland and the island, here and there, the present and the past, the known and the unknown, reality and legend; all the things that make Tintagel so special and fascinating”. The faint-hearted may not be so enthusiastic.


  1. With a nod to Cornelius Ryan, this is a bridge not far enough.

  2. I've crossed the "sway-in-the-wind" Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge in Northern Ireland a couple of times so this structure looks fairly subdued.

  3. I know a 7th grade girl who knows what resonance is who would be delighted to jump up and down on one end until it sways realistically just like before such structures fail.