Friday, March 18, 2016

Hysterical government incompetence

How is this not contempt of court?  Will anyone be fired for this outrageous error?  And why do we want to give the custodial state control over every aspect of our lives?

Ladar Levison, owner of the now defunct email service, has been forbidden since then, under threat of contempt and possibly jail time, from identifying who the government was investigating. In court documents from the case unsealed in late 2013, all information that could identify the customer was redacted.
But federal authorities recently screwed up and revealed the secret themselves when they published a cache of case documents but failed to redact one identifying piece of information about the target: his email address, With that, the very authorities holding the threat of jail time over Levison’s head if he said anything have confirmed what everyone had long ago presumed: that the target account was Snowden’s.

Related:  The investigators found that for coverage year 2014 the agency did not resolve about one-third of applications with inconsistencies, which involved $1.7 billion in associated subsidies.
“We concluded [the agency] has assumed a passive approach to identifying and preventing fraud, and that adopting a more strategic, risk-based approach could help identify fraud vulnerabilities before they could be exploited in the enrollment process,” the audit said.

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  1. Nobody will be fired. Nobody's supervisor will be fired. The workers will rack up princely sums and will be promoted because the rule is, "f--k up, move up"...