Wednesday, March 16, 2016


The eyes never leave the prize.


  1. It looks like Trump when he's about to maul Hillary.

  2. At which time she'll deploy her barking dog routine to save herself...

  3. Ears retract to reduce drag!


  4. Seeing this GIF prompted me to observe my Housecat, paying particular attention to his ears. Others may find this of interest.
    I noticed several stalking modes.
    In the traditional sneak and pounce, he uses cover to maintain a low profile, eyes wide and ears up. After acquiring the target and calculating trajectory, wind drift, and possible evasive maneuvers by prey, ears go back, tail twitches slightly, whereupon launch is initiated.
    Ears are usually fully deployed while attack feline is in-flight. Forward grappling weapons are extended at the last stage of reentry to engage the target. It appears whiskers assist in target location at close range. If a struggle ensues after contact, hindquarters weapons are employed to subdue the threat.
    Prey is dispatched by forward-mounted main battle weapons.

    Mission accomplished.

    =T. Wrangler=