Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Back from Portland

The boy had our itinerary all planned and set out on a spreadsheet.  The oldest daughter at Multnomah Falls, Powell's Bookstore, and Cathedral Coffee. 

Lou, the pictures from Shasta Lake didn't turn out, as we were zipping by too fast and the guardrail was right at eye level since we were using the Buick sedan, and not the taller Dodge truck.  However, I can report that although there is still a bit of a bathtub ring on the lake, it isn't very big.  The lake is definitely full.  And, it spit snow at us coming back yesterday at Mount Shasta.

I honked coming through Anderson.

The drive was epically long both ways, but no car trouble and my passengers were entertaining, to say the least.  However, the CHP tagged me at Weed.  The Oregon Highway Patrol, who have a reputation for picking on Californians, have always left me alone, and this trip was no exception.

I had fun in Oregon whenever I had to gas up by immediately getting out of the car at the station (it's illegal in that state to pump your own gas), and scaring them into thinking I was going to try to do it myself.  Then, when the attendent ran over to keep me from gassing my own car, I'd just hold a nice conversation with them as they did the job.  Made them nervous every time.

There was a "Kinkfest" going on in Portland while we were there, and our hotel was full of, shall we say, interesting people.   Riding the elevator down with a gal in full leather clothing, bright pink hair and a three foot furry tail sticking out of her hind end was, well, weird even for Portland. 

The weather was sunny, then rainy, then sunny, then rainy.  The boy says that's par for the course.   I like that sort of changeable climate.

Portland itself was gorgeous, the people were friendly, and we all had a fine time.

Great trip, but glad to be back.  Hotel beds are always way too hard to sleep well, at least for me.


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip.
    Powell's is a must for me when up there. Portlandia is always interesting. Love Fort Vancouver on the right side of the Columbia.
    You didn't honk for Red Bluff, what's up with that!

  2. I can take a couple of days in Portland, but then I have to get away.
    Thought maybe I heard you honk, but there was a train that was making a heck of a racket.
    A friend posted a picture of the three Shastas last week.

  3. I have a lot of fond memories of Portland, Oregon.

    I took the G.E.D. exam at Portland State University, and years later, was briefly a student there.

    Portland, Oregon was where I was baptized as a Mormon convert, and it's where I was drafted (I volunteered to be drafted) into the United States Army.

    When I was in Viet Nam, Governor Tom McCall and his wife sent me a full-sized Oregon state flag to display by my bunk (or cot, depending on where I was at).

    Here are the URLs of a couple of my homemade amateur video recordings of ME (!) performing my original compositions about Portland, Oregon:




    Words and Music by:

    Portland, Oregon is my kind of town.
    I'm a man who knows.
    I guess I've been around.

    VERSE # 1:
    In 'Sixty-Seven, I was drafted to war.
    We didn't even know what we were fighting for.
    After I traveled far over the sea,
    My own true love wrote "Dear John" to me.

    VERSE # 2:
    Since that time, I haven't been back home.
    I stayed in the Army and continued to roam.
    But, time heals heartaches, and now mine's gone.
    I'm heading back to Portland, Oregon.

    VERSE # 3:
    There's more pretty fish than just one in the sea.
    There's got to be a girl who's meant for me.
    In the Northwestern country where I belong,
    I'll play my guitar and sing this song.

    VERSE # 4:
    In Willamette Valley, there's a happy sound.
    The music of the people's calling me to town.
    In the misty distance, you can see Mount Hood.
    There's something about it makes me feel so good.

    VERSE # 5:
    The kids in the streets and the old folks, too
    Make me think that my wandering's through.
    There's life in this city and love's all around.
    The City of Roses is my hometown.



    Words and Music by: JOHN ROBERT MALLERNEE

    VERSE # 01:
    When I was a younger lad,
    I had some roving ways.
    There were lots of girls around,
    And those were loving days.
    But, those days have passed me now,
    And listen to me sing
    Of misery and loneliness
    And Portland in the Spring.

    Portland's filled with sunshine.
    There's roses in those parts.
    Young girls are all out in force
    To break the young men's hearts.
    Portland is a pretty town
    Where two rivers meet.
    The mountains and the music
    Make the living sweet.

    VERSE # 02:
    I once had a taste of love
    And some girl once was mine.
    But, my roving style has cost
    My share of Springtime wine.
    Now, I'm in the sunny South
    So very far away.
    I wish that I'd been smarter
    In my younger day.

    VERSE # 03:
    Well, my time must soon be up
    Or else, I'll break out free.
    Portland has the good life
    And I want some for me.
    So, ladies, dry your teary eyes.
    Now, don't you weep and wail.
    I'm headed for your open arms
    Up the Oregon Trail.