Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Army working on doubling the range of it's howitzers

The Army is cooking up a suite of improvements could double the range of the existing M-777 howitzer. Right now the 155-millimeter gun, in service with the Army and Marines, can lob shells at targets up to 18 miles away.

The biggest change is the addition of new barrel that’s six feet longer. The longer M-777ER should be able to hit enemy forces more than 43 miles away. And with more powerful propellant charges and rocket-assisted shells, crews might be able to increase that range even more in the near future.

Artillery, the God of the Battlefield, is about to become even more fearsome.


  1. Ah....."its"


  2. Actually, in the United States Army, the nickname for the Artillery Branch is, "King of Battle".

    That's in response to the Infantry Branch, whose nickname is, "Queen of Battle".