Monday, November 30, 2015

Your good news of the day: the bad guys go to war against the other bad guys.

This is almost too good to believe.  Heck, these goons can't even get along with each other!
"Al Qaeda terrorists reportedly declared war on the Islamic State Monday following a “dispute” between the groups over a prisoner exchange with the Lebanese army.
The two competing terror organizations are at odds with one another, with clashes erupting along the Syrian and Lebanese borders."
Hey, guys, use all those sweet weapons the American taxpayer provided to you and put the hurt on your rivals.  After all, they disagree with you on a minor theological detail, so KILL THEM!  Allahu Akbar!
“Heavy fighting” between the Islamic State and the al Qaeda-aligned al-Nusra Front erupted in Syria last week, “leaving casualties on both sides.”
Multiple clashes between the two terror groups over the past several months are said to have left many dead on each side of the battle and widened “rifts” between the sides."
But that's not all! Leaving no stone of conflict unturned, it's total war between these hard core bad boys.
"The terror groups also have exchanged words on their respective social media pages, confirming deaths on both sides."
For example, Al Nusra Facebooked this about their enemies down the road at Daesh:

But it didn't work.  Ahmed thinks they're being complementary. 

Keep it up, Muslims.  The fewer of you, the better for everyone else.


  1. Some people are jealous because Ahmed's girl is cuter than the Syrian girls.

    1. Jealousy is un-islamic. It is haram. Kill them!

    2. Kill them all, God will sort 'em out.