Friday, November 27, 2015

Ghost fleet of small ships with dead crews wash up on Japan's north west coast.

The mysterious ships have given rise to numerous conspiracy theories in the country, as authorities battle to discover the identities of the bodies.

Rescuers told Japanese broadcaster NHK that the bodies of at least 20 sailors were ‘badly decomposed’ and ‘skeleton-like’.

The only clue, a scrap of flag that appears to be North Korean, and a bit of Korean writing.

The Japanese Coast guard told broadcaster NHK that the crews may have been drifting for months on end without anyone knowing where they were.

The primitive design of the vessels suggests that they were not created in the West.

It is believed that the boats have come to light now, following recent storms which may have swept them towards the coastline.

A map of the landfalls of the ghost boats with skeleton crews.  How many more are out there?

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  1. It would be typical of North Korea to put that sort of crap out to sea and then not care what happens to them.