Thursday, November 26, 2015

Blogish things I'm thankful for.

Thanks are in order to and for all the fine people that I've met on the internet.

For me, running this blog as a hobby has been richly rewarding.   The folk I've "met" over the internet from doing this are simply amazing.

Irish, at the Feral Irishman, first of all, for putting my budding blog on his blog roll and getting me some early exposure.  As a regular guy like me, he was and is an inspiration, and is always willing to be helpful to a complete stranger.  You're the man, my friend!

I'm thankful that I've met Chickenmom, who produces what she calls a "boring" blog over at Chickenfeathers, but who can make raising laying hens really fun to read about.  It may help that I've got four chickens of my own, so I can relate.  In addition, she and her "hubby" have been a joy to interact with over the years, and she's taught me a whole new appreciation for the state of New Jersey.  It's not all Bayonne!   I'm truly thankful for Phyllis and her ladies.

LL, for all his fun comments and his great stories.  I've always thought that LL would be the guy that would be big fun in any adventure, and if things got rough, would reliably have your back with something of absurdly large caliber.  He's got several good blogs as well, namely Virtual Mirage, and my fav, the Diavel Tales.  I've always wanted to ride a Ducati, but Larry is the guy who really did it.  Hats off!

I'm glad the internet introduced me to B W Bandy, over at Everybody Has To Be Somewhere,  who rides his motorbike all over western Canada, and tells us about what he sees.  Every post he puts up teaches me about some place I've never seen or heard of, and about a corner of the world that I really need to know more about.   Good work, Mr. Bandy!

I'm thankful for frequent commenter Lou, and for his enthusiastic delight and knowledge about all things IH.  Of course, I'm thankful as well for his generous introduction to my appreciation for cool cabins, to dusty trips across the Nevada/Eastern California, and to all the annual Scratch and Spit meet ups.  Thanks for great times, Lou!

There are many more who I've corresponded with over the years who I'm truly glad to know, and who produce thoughtful and excellent blogs, like OldAFSarge, at Chant du Depart, who shares my love of the F-4 Phantom fighter jet.

There are the two Brig(h)ids, who produce Brighid's Place and Home on the Range.  Both great reads, and both of which have given many pleasurable stories and tales over the years .  Plus, they are the only two people I've ever run into named Brig(h)id!  Thanks, ladies.

I'm thankful to have run across South African/Texan Bayou Renaissance Man, who brings a unique perspective to current events based on his fantastic life experience.  Check out his stories about his military service in the old South African Army.  Amazing stuff.

Brock over at Free North Carolina is also a voice I value, bringing his southern perspective to all things.  Brock and I also have a flock of daughters between us.  It's always nice meet a guy who can appreciate living around the "estrogen express" that life can be with a house full of girls and women. Thanks for years of great posts, Brock!

I'm grateful for guys like the Mohave Rat, who knows what's what, for Gorges-Smythe, who writes so well, and for his inspirational quiet strength in all weathers, and for funny rebels like the Lonely Libertarian and Wirecutter, who keep us laughing and kicking back at the Man.

Life is a whole lot richer and more fun for me because of all of you.   Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


  1. I agree. Your site has introduced me to many others who share our interests.
    Keep up the good work, CW.
    And happy Thanksgiving to all!


  2. CW: I truly enjoy your posts, and the comments are always interesting. Thank You! Brig