Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Back home

Traffic both ways on 80 over the hill was incredible.  As we went east toward Reno, there was an 8 to 10 mile slow and go we saw going back west.

So, We drove south and then west over Carson.  I wanted to get over that pass before dark, but it got dark just as we drove into Minden, on the east side.

After filling up the truck with sweet, delicious Nevada gas, we went for the summit.  Had to put the beast into 4wd even before we got out of Washoe Valley, and drove at 25 to 35 mph until way west at about Pioneer.

Low temp: 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

No real snow fall, but plenty blowing across the road.

Passed two trucks in the ditch.  Could have easily been me.

Glad to be home, where it's only 39 degrees, and I can relax.


  1. Encountered a similar situation at Raton Pass last week.
    I chose discretion rather than valor and spent an extra day with friends in New Mexico.


  2. Welcome home Cee Dub, I was watching the news and thinking about you. Glad you made it home safe with precious cargo aboard. You're a damn good dad.

    1. Thanks, Lou, I was really happy to pull into the driveway with everything and everyone A-OK.

  3. After your post yesterday I googed Donner Pass and spent the day warm and dry reading many interesting stories..Ex: Southern Pacific train stuck in a snow bank..1952?

    1. Definitely time better spent than death gripping the steering wheel and staring into a dark, cold, snowy night.