Friday, January 18, 2013

Ray Nagin, the wholly incompetent mayor of "Chocolate City," New Orleans, has been indicted for bribery and fraud.

Why is this no surprise?  Now we have confirmation that not only was he way in above his head as mayor, but he was also likely lining his own pockets at the same time.  I guess he wasn't doing so bad a job at that, while his city drowned and he tried to blame others for the disaster.

I wonder if they found the money in his freezer?

I see from the article that other city officials have already plead guilty, and no doubt they are getting a better deal from prosecutors to spill the dirt on Nagin.

Why, I wonder, can't we get a big blue city major that isn't either a complete fool, like Nagin, or corrupt, or both?  What a disgrace, but no matter, the press will do their best to take his side.   Should be fun to watch his fate, although who knows, maybe he will do his time and then get elected again, like the mayor of DC, Marion Berry.

After all, being a criminal is a feature for blue city voters, not a bug.

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  1. If he gets an "all chocolate" jury he will be just fine.