Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If this is Obama's list of dangerous executive orders, color me unimpressed.

Entirely made up of window dressing and broad, empty, fine sounding statements that will result in nothing.

In contrast, the idiot in chief has cause membership in the NRA to increase by a quarter of a million.  He has motivated Americans to buy enough guns and ammo to outfit both the Indian and Chinese armies, and he has made millions of people get into guns who probably wouldn't have otherwise.   We know that once folks find out how much fun shooting can be, all those people won't be supporters of gun control or taxation.

He's pissed them off pretty well in the hinterlands also.

Great job, really, pResident Obama.  A truly inspiring performance.  Honestly, I've never seen such a consistent screw up as president.

The People's Cube mocks the JEF mercilessly and very accurately.

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