Monday, January 21, 2013

Health care costs are out of control.  Premiums are going up by extreme amounts.  Yet Obamacare was sold as a way to control this, but so far, the opposite has occurred.

Here is an excellent article exploring the reasons this is happening, and some suggested solutions.  

The most interesting point, for me, was the information about how little insurance companies margins are, and how little the so called "big pharma" companies make in profit, although their margins are healthy.  So much for those evil private companies gouging us for their own ends.

With four more years of this president, who knows how poor we will all be when we emerge at the other end?  Well digested, that's for sure.  That's a feature to this America hating creature, not a bug, however.


  1. And the media is covering for him. There are no checks and balances to his destruction.

    1. Very true. This man would never survive in a political environment where the press made even the slightest effort at reporting his failures. Obamacare costs, Fast and Furious, unemployment, bankrupt solar companies, Benghazi, Algeria, etc, etc, etc. It's an incredible list of failure.