Sunday, January 13, 2013

 The continuing story of the quest for homemade sourdough bread...

This year, I'm going to teach myself to make sourdough bread, I swear it.  The first step was to capture a wild yeast, and that has been accomplished - in the first effort, I might add, proudly.

Below is Doug, the wild yeasty sourdough starter ( we named it Doug ).  Yesterday it was bubbly and very active, so I poured off a cup of it and began the process of baking the first loaf of sourdough.  As you can see, those yeasts are pissed off, and ready to fight, so I gave them some flour to fight with.

After an afternoon of mixing, kneading and baking, this is what came out of the Lodge camp stove:

Good bread, but not sour enough for my liking.  I fed Doug this morning, and the wife put him in a warm spot so he would increase, and he did, no problem.  I have another ball of dough rising now, and since the word is that the longer you let it rise, the sourer it gets, I think it will be an all day rise, beat down, and rise again, until the bake this evening.  

To be continued....


  1. I've been working on a sourdough starter too. Mine is named Bubbles. ;) Mine smells really sour, I'm going to peruse some more utube vids on sourdough before I try my hand at the bread making. I just thought it would be a good skill to acquire if I'm not able to buy cheap yeast at Costco....
    Miss Violet

    1. Here is a site that I found helpful. Also, it's just more fun if you can bake with yeast that you captured yourself!

  2. This is good for when you're in a time of knead!!