Friday, January 25, 2013

A real-life "tractor beam", which uses light to attract objects, has been developed by scientists.
It is hoped it could have medical applications by targeting and attracting individual cells.
The research, published in Nature Photonics and led by the University of St Andrews, is limited to moving microscopic particles.
Looks like this is useful on the cellular level, so we won't be sucking in any Romulian warbirds any time soon.  Still, it's a start, and there's no telling where it will go with time and research.

I'll call it a success when I can use it to pull a beer our of the fridge and over to my chair.  Or even more fun, my wife!


  1. Shields up, lock phazers on target. Beam me up.

  2. Why is your wife in the fridge? Or why would you want to pull a beer out of the fridge and over to your wife?


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