Monday, January 14, 2013

A great post over at Ace's reminded me that a local fixture on California TV recently passed away, the amaz'in Huell Howser.   Huell, who Ace calls the world's oldest toddler, hosted a show that travelled over the state and did cute little programs about points of interest, but it was Huell's ability to express what to anyone else would be an absurdly enthusiastic interest in even the most banal of things that made the show great.

I recall one show where he was visiting a boiling mud pot somewhere, and he kept commenting on how really amaz'in the absurdly boring mud holes were.  It got funnier the longer he did it with a straight face.

Here is one episode where he loses control over brine flies:

Huell was one of the really good guys.  I can't believe he was well into his sixties, given his childlike enthusiasm for just about everything, and we will very much miss the big fella.


  1. That's a shame. I watched him religiously every week when I lived in California and one time he gave a speech for the UDC United Daughter's of the Confederacy in Burbank which I attended. He was a good eater.:) Posted.

  2. he has a hot dog named after him at Pink's down in LA so there will always be a Huell Howser