Saturday, September 22, 2012

This article raises the question, " How is this election even close?"

It references a recent poll that had Obama up nationally by one.

The answer is surprisingly simple.   A commenter put it perfectly when he said this:

D+9 poll when obama won in 2008 with an historically high D+7 electorate. The job of this poll is to dishearten Romney supporters. 

But I love it! It's a great poll. We'll just shift it down to D+3 (average of last 30 years IIRC from Jay Cost?) and we'll shift it 3 points to go from Registered to Likely voters.... and I'll call it 51-42 Romney.

In other words, the pollsters are just purposely exaggerating the Democratic vote, for what purpose, I don't know.

I call a landslide in November.

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  1. But but but the 'polls' ALL showed that barry was gonna win - so obviously the evil republicans cheated and stole the election..................