Monday, September 24, 2012

A summary of Obama's 60 Minutes interview disaster.

The debates should be fun given how out of control this guy is without a teleprompter and without a way for the press to defend him, or edit away his gaffes.


  1. I personally think he will have some way to be able to communicate with his handlers and helpers - maybe a very small receiver in his ear to hear comments, facts, maybe even specifically what to say to help obama not make a blundering fool of himself.

    1. In that very likely case, it's time for the Republicans to set up a very tiny radio jammer somewhere closeby. That would be sweet to see the wild look of a hunted animal appear in Obozo's eyes when he realizes he is on his own against that feral predator, Romney.

  2. I stumbled upon this blog via reddit. From the look of the pics you post you're all about nature etc. Why on earth would you take your political garbage and post here is beyond me...

    You accuse Obama of being so stupid he cannot speak without having "handlers" tell him in his ear what to say. I suggest you watch this video where Obama goes to a Republican retreat and answers questions from Republicans for over an hour. Notice NO TELEPROMPTER. The guy can handle himself.

    Full disclosure: I'm voting Romney in 2012, but unlike you I'm not blind-sided by politics like it's a sport.

  3. Well James, I did not state that Obama is "so stupid he cannot speak without having handlers tell him in his ear what to say," another commenter said that. I simply played along with the humor of that thought.

    But surely, after the last four years or so of Obama, you have to admit he almost always has his teleprompter with him when he speaks in public. I'm sure you also recall what he sounded like that time the teleprompter malfunctioned, and he basically came to a full verbal stop there on the podium. When he doesn't use his crutch, he tends to make outrageous statements that inflame people, like the "you didn't build that" comment. Obama can speak, it's just that when he isn't controlled by a teleprompter, he usually reverts back to the progressive/Marxist he really is, and ends up sounding incredibly liberal (but after all, he was the most liberal member of congress by his voting record).

    Oh, and you do recall the Joe the Plumber fiasco, right. No teleprompter there.

    Finally, I'm not sure what you mean by "blind sided by politics like it's a sport." I thought I was pretty clear in my posts that I'm sick and tired of Liberals/Progressives/Democrats messing up our country. Since the alternative media has to do the job the MSM won't do, it is in fact a bit of a sport to point out the foibles and failures of the fools who support Obama and his progressive political pals. Besides, it's my blog, and I get to mix it up however I want to, and this is how I'm doing it today. Tomorrow might well be different. Start your own and do it your way.