Monday, July 30, 2012

I find this story almost too incredible to believe, but if true, it shows yet again a government simply out of control and completely lawless.

If true, and I emphasize if, since I simply can't believe a government official would authorize this, it is really worse lawlessness than the criminals they are trying to fight.  It is appropriation of property outside the law and without knowledge or approval of the rightful owner, so that the government can use it for highly dangerous purposes. 

Gotta have a clean out of the government for sure after the next election.  For sure.

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  1. Unfortunately it is true - it's been verified by numerous sources. The worst part might be that the 'officials' who 'authorized' it are refusing to pay the owner - along the lines of 'we're the government and we can do what we want'. Sort of reminds me of Fast & Furious..............