Thursday, March 29, 2012

It appearst that the Indonesian President is not doing so well in his campaign for re election, at least according to this Daily Mail article. 

In spite of spending more money than all of his Republican challengers combined, and without a foe in his own primary, he is not making progress in the polls.

Perhaps that is because everyone is reminded of his incompetence every time they fill up their car with gas, or pay their electric bill. 

Or, they wonder who he is really working for when he conspires with the Russian President to "give him room" until the election.  What the heck does he mean by that?

Maybe the voters are annoyed when he raises racial tensions by sympathizing with the worst of the bawling race baiters, rather than seeking to calm the waters and encourage everyone to let the police do their job.

Could it be that the people are ticked that while they are forced to scrimp and save due to the bad economy, his family goes on expensive vacation after vacation, and his daughters are safely tucked away in an exclusive and very pricy private school?

It might be annoying to the taxpayers when the money they earn and entrust to the government is wasted on foolish investments like Solyndra and the Fisker electric car.

The average citizen might be offended that there has been no budget at all from Congress, with no leadership of any kind from the President against this unprecedented abdication of responsibility.

Over and over again, the people see an arrogance and contempt toward their rights, their money, and their wishes, and they are growing more and more angry about it.  It could be that no amount of money spent to promote his candidacy can overcome the stark reality of the chaos and poverty he and his party have created over the last three years.  Imagine the damage that would occur if he was given six more?

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  1. That's why the democoms need illegal aliens, and dead people to vote. That's the ONLY reason they are opposed to voter ID laws. I love this country, but I do not see us coming back from this. Too much of the population is so uninformed or bought by the dems or dependent on Big Guv, they will never vote against their self intrests. The ship is going down. I pray I am wrong.