Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Black Eagle, Nez Percé man - Curtis - 1905

It's been a while since I posted a nice 1911

Well if that's not something I'm going to have to try that I ordinarily wouldn't.

Cindy Crawford Mortified After She’s Mistaken For Caitlyn Jenner

I gotta say, that's pretty close.

But of course the one on the right is Bruce.

"I would call this storm extremely dangerous," said Karleisa Rogacheski, a meteorologist with the NWS Sacramento office.

A colossal storm is poised to barrel across the northern Sierra Nevada Wednesday evening, with high winds whipping heavy falling snow and creating blizzard conditions.
Hey, Global Warming is here!  Call Al Gore.
It's just a steady rain so far in Redding.

Shape Shifter?

Jump in, Take off

3D political chess master?


China Clipper

When that finally slides off of there....

Now, where's the coffee?


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Resistance - it's not always what you think.

Classic barber shave

One tough hombre

Eduard Ritter von Schleich standing by his Albatros D.Va, Serial No. unknown, while serving with Jagdgruppe Nr. 8 in the Spring of 1918. Its fuselage, tail, struts and wheel covers were painted black, and the aircraft displayed unusually proportioned Balkenkreuze on the wings. The wings were finished in standard 5-color lozenge pattern. A white edelweiss had previously been worn on the fuselage just aft of the cockpit, and was still barely visible under the black over-painting. The presence of the edelweiss may indicate that this plane previously belonged to Otto Kissenberth, who flew a similarly-marked Albatros with a white edelweiss in this position while serving with Jasta 23b. Known as the “Black Knight”, von Schleich survived the war with 35 victories.

Those Bluegills are hard to swallow.

Democrats down in Puerto Rico hangin' on the beach

Gerber Zip Blade

Cabin Porn, Interior Edition

Freckles, they are good

The Art of Speed

Smooth Leap

Jet powered

Sort of a multitool

Expensive lumber delivery

Total lack of crowd control.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Tatanka-Sapa (Black Bull), Dakota Oglala - Gill - MAY 1910

Bring back the Indian head nickel

Portrait of Ojibwe chief Hole in the Day, c. 1860′s. By Mathew Brady.

What a genius

Remember this guy?

Well, Juvat over at Old Air Force Sarge saw it, and did the research (and excellent work it is!)

Check out all the fascinating information he dug up on this WWI German airman.  Unbelievable!

The guy gave Von Richtofen a run for the glory.

Well done, Juvat, well done indeed!

Welcome to your work week!

Mondays, they're like that

Neat and Tidy