Monday, November 19, 2018

Freckles, and an epic mane of hair, are good

Kitchen Gear


Real? Unreal? Unreal but real?


A Chicago cop was shot but not injured during a recent shooting. The bullet hit his gun while in holster.

Yellow Bear, Arapaho - Soule - 1867

Ural Cossack, Russian Army, 1892

Great marketing

San Diego, June 3, 1968: General Dynamics employee Toni Taura with models of the Atlas, Centaur, F106, and F102.

And where is Toni now, I wonder?

Faroe Islands

With a well defined snowline.

Mondays, they're like that

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Anita Ekberg

Aeronautica Macchi M.39 at Lago di Varese, August 1926

Insane crash at the Macau Grand Prix

For those wondering what led to the incident Seventeen-year-old German driver Sophia Flörsch was tracked by a speed gun travelling at 276 km/h down the straight. Jehan braked early which didn't give time for Sophia to react. She hit Jehan's right rear tyre causing her to spin. Thereafter she had no control and rammed into the back of Lisboa which caused her to go airborne.

Broken back, and a concussion, but she'll live.

Via Conservative Treehouse

High Flight

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Rainfall in the Atacama Desert spells death for microbes

Scientists estimate that recent rainfalls count as the first time rain has fallen in the Atacama in about 500 years. Despite this dry history, on March 25 and August 9, 2015, and June 7, 2017, the rains poured in. 

“When the rains came to the Atacama, we were hoping for majestic blooms and deserts springing to life. Instead, we learned the contrary, as we found that rain in the hyper-arid core of the Atacama Desert caused a massive extinction of most of the indigenous microbial species there,” co-author Alberto Fairen, an astrobiologist, said in a statement.

Before the precipitation, which happened in 2015, in this arid, Mars-like desert, scientists estimate that there were up to 16 different species of microbes. But, after the rain, only two to four species remained. “The extinction event was massive,” Fairen said.

“Our results show for the first time that providing suddenly large amounts of water to microorganisms – exquisitely adapted to extract meager and elusive moisture from the most hyperdry environments – will kill them from osmotic shock,” Fairen said. Osmotic shock here refers to a sudden influx of water to a cell through its membrane. The flood can literally cause bacteria to burst open.

When the environment changes, so do the flora and fauna that live there.  Everything is and always has been moving and changing.  Nothing is static.

In a slightly wetter part of the Atacama Desert, flowers bloom after a rain.


And spending billions building a bullet train that will never be finished and which no one will ever ride.

Pencil store in Iran

They must not have Amazon there.

And how did this guy come to decide one day that he was going to go into the pencil retail business?  Must not have had the grades for engineering school.

And what's the profit margin per pencil?  How many does this guy need to sell a day to pay the bills?

The way the snow is resting on this handmade stone arch

That's a pretty cool photo, but I hope those guys are wearing hearing pro.

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION, SYRIA – U.S. Marines with Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, attached to Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force, Crisis Response-Central Command fire 81mm mortars in support of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) operations Sept. 10, 2018. CJTF-OIR is the military arm of the Global Coalition to defeat ISIS in designated parts of Iraq and Syria. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Gabino Perez)

Alexandria Occasional-Cortex is making herself popular by attacking the very Democrats she'll need if she hopes to pass legislation.

Hi, everyone!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backed an effort Saturday by a group called the Justice Democrats, which opposes “Democratic incumbents who are demographically and ideologically out-of-touch with their districts.”

The Justice Democrats helped Ocasio-Cortez oust veteran Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) in a primary in New York’s 14th congressional district earlier this year.
If you’re a strong progressive leader in your community and committed to getting money out of politics, I want you to join me in Congress. I want you to run.

To run in 2020 without corporate money, you need to start considering now. Join @justicedems tonight to learn more ⬇️

Money out of politics?   Hahahahhahahahaha!!

What, do I smell or something?

She actually looks cold - can't any of those Democrats loan her a coat or sweater or something?  A Republican sure would.

Since winning her election Nov. 6, Ocasio-Cortez has continued to challenge the Democratic Party leadership, joining a sit-in protest in the office of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) over climate change policy.
Though she has not yet taken office, Ocasio-Cortez is already committing to replacing many of her colleagues — apparently on the basis of race and ideology.
A press release from the Justice Democrats declared (original emphasis):
After participating in sit-ins at Nancy Pelosi’s office on Tuesday, Justice Democrats officially launched the #OurTime project to repeat the organization’s success in recruiting and electing Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The progressive grassroots organization will recruit the next generation of primary challengers to Democratic incumbents who are demographically and ideologically out-of-touch with their districts. The online conference call where the project was announced was joined by Ocasio-Cortez, who voiced her support for the project.

Well, this is either going to be a complete train wreck of a political career, or it's going to be a movement that will overturn the Democratic Party and all it has heretofore stood for.

Should be fun to watch.

More trenchant commentary on this very subject.

This apparently is a real thing

Must be - they have a Wiki page, and you can buy them at Amazon!

A good project

The Basic - everything else is just tweaking and decoration

My grandma had one - it would get real exciting when she'd forget to remove the hair spray cans from the trash, and toss them in.

I'd live there - Flam, Norway 🏞

We were building these things in 1940 and giving them away to our pals

HMS Avenger was a Royal Navy escort aircraft carrier during the Second World War.  In 1939 she was laid down as the merchant ship Rio-Hudson at the Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Company yard in Chester, Pennsylvania. Launched on 27 November 1940, she was converted to an escort carrier and transferred under the lend lease agreement to the Royal Navy. She was commissioned on 2 March 1942.
Avenger’s capacity allowed for a maximum of 15 aircraft. In September 1942, she took part in what was the largest and most successful Russian convoy to date. Upon her return home, after observing a number of design faults, Avenger’s captain drew up recommendations for future escort carrier design. In November 1942 she took part in Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa, where she suffered engine problems. While leaving North Africa to start the journey home Avengerwas sunk by the German submarine U-155 on 15 November  1942 at 3:20am GMT, 9 hours after leaving Gibraltar for Britain, with a heavy loss of life among her crew.

Looks like it was cobbled together from the scrap pile.

Freckles are good.

That leatherwork...

Flying the old fashioned way

Tight plane

Fetch, boy, fetch!

"Captain, engine four seems to be clogged with something..."

Saturday, November 17, 2018

A great tool for the coming Ice Age

via Gfycat

Ice Age Landscape

Since the ice age is nearly upon us, let's watch some glacier's collapse.

Huge glacier calving in Greenland

More on the Hiawatha Impact Crater in Greenland

20mm Vulcan mounted on a Prius - the ultimate commuter.

I like how the windshield wipers are blown off the windshield.

Shave of the Day

All the artisan soap makers are coming out with seasonal products now ( it's a free for all, capitalistic boon to consumers), and, having had good luck with Stirling in the past, decided to pick up their offering, which they are calling Christmas Eve.

I also loaded the Gillette Slim safety with a new Gillette Silver Blue blade, having heard some good things about them on the shave forums.

I also used for the first time that vintage Gillette brush, which was sold as new in box.  Given the wet dog smell it emitted, they weren't pulling my leg - it's old but new.

I enlisted the help of Mrs. CW to describe the scent.  She got pine and menthol, and I picked up a warm, broad vanilla base.   It could be said to remind one of a room warmed by a pine wood fire, and a table of holiday food.

The new Gillette Silver Blue did a great job in one and a half passes, giving a super quality shave.  The real test on my mug is under the chin to adam's apple, and there it did a superlative job, giving a near dolphin smooth result, without any burn or blood.  The face feels great.

An interesting combination that I'll certainly use again.

An Homage to the Rainbow Trout.