Thursday, July 19, 2018

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Keem Beach, Achill Island, Ireland

Skunk TV

We couldn't help ourselves, Mrs CW and I sat out as it got dark and waited for the local skunk family to come out from their culvert and entertain us.

Our cat Theta was less than impressed with this plan, but she did hang around.

And then they came.  A family of four from the neighbor's culvert, and two more from under the gigantic fig tree.

The games begin.

The skunks are cute, but of course deadly as well.  They seem supremely uninterested in Mrs. CW and me, and even the cat hanging out doesn't bug them.  There was a mighty barn owl that swooped low when the skunk family was traversing the open field down by the barn.  Clearly that owl is wondering how skunk might taste for dinner.

Your Good News of the Day: U.S. Saves Baby Oliver After U.K. Doctors Said His Heart Couldn’t Be Fixed

A precious baby is saved from the cruel death panels set up by the hateful and thick headed socialistic system in the UK. 

British Baby Oliver was born with a rare heart condition known as cardiac fibroma. The socialized healthcare system in the U.K. was not equipped to perform the necessary surgery to remove the non-cancerous tumor in his heart. Oliver would have to be put on a list to receive a heart transplant, and even then, he would only be expected to live to the age of 15, at the longest.

But due to the innovation and ingenuity of the United States, the necessary surgery was not only available, but had a 100% success rate at the Boston Children's Hospital.
This is the difference.  In the US, the health system, for all its faults, is not as constrained by bean counting socialists that make life or death decisions based on the almighty dollar/pound.  Here, doctors are allowed to strive to save lives, and due to that incentive and effort, the science advances, and what was once impossible becomes possible.
A good example is that premature babies are born and survive here far earlier than in the UK, which has an arbitrary cut off date for premature births, before which they will not even try to save the infant.  Their science stagnates, while ours advances.
This story is a great example of that process.  A surgery on a baby's heart here has a 100% success rate.  It isn't even attempted in the UK.
The British NHS initially refused to pay for the roughly $260,000 parents Lydia and Tim Cameron needed to fund the trip and procedure required to save their baby. The couple did not have the funds to save Oliver, so they resorted to crowdfunding, opening a GoFundMe page and asking the public to donate.
After funding nearly $170,000 on their own and garnering international attention, the NHS's hand was forced. The government finally announced that they would allow and fund the necessary surgery at Boston Children's Hospital.  Shame works wonders, and at least they had some shame to motivate them to do what they should have done in the first place.
Thankfully, Boston Children's Hospital was able to perform a successful surgery on 10-month-old baby Oliver in November of 2017. "When they told us Dr. del Nido had removed all of it, we were so happy we just burst into tears," said mother Lydia, according to the hospital's site.
So, bravo for young Oliver, and the capitalist heath system here in the US. Take careful notes Bernie, Alexandria, and all you Socialists out there.  There's a lesson to be learned here.

Shave of the Day

Today, an afternoon shave, with cold water, sharp steel and thick lather.

This soap/aftershave combination is growing on me.

Found this older photo of the LT out on Panther Creek Road putting an old .22 to the test.

Good times.  There's nothing better than an afternoon in the pines burning up .22 shells.  Then, into town and Italian food, and lots of it.

Motor Porn


Bring back the 1000 dollar bill!

And keep Grover on it.  Put a new Ford class super carrier on the back, just to let our enemies know there's an ass kicking out there should they need it.

With the inflation the Fed is facilitating, it's really not a crazy amount of money.

We used to have a battleship, the carrier of it's day, on the back of the two dollar bill, so there's precedent.  

Half way to Reykjavik

Designed by Dr. Frankenstein: Captured German Kettenkrad tracked motorcycle, 23 July 1943.

Kinda like a car wreck, but still, wow.

Lightning strikes the wing

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Big wheels keep on rollin'

Shave of the Day

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Art of Speed

Sinking a ship


That's why it's called discipline

Perfect for the man cave

Now a fox

On the way back from dropping off Mrs. CW at work, and on our little rural street I see a fox, of all things, scampering down the lane.  When I got too close for his comfort, he sprinted off across a field and paralleled the car for a short distance.  That allowed me to time him at a seemingly effortless 20 miles an hour.  He wasn't straining.

I checked, and I've still got the one chicken, who is now free range.  Maybe not for long.


Old vs. New: The battleship HMS Howe traverses the Suez Canal, July 1944.

Water powered sawmill

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Pretty impressive. Zero emissions.

This cat's oddly human features - creepy!