Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Some people....


  1. people learn good judgment by exercising poor judgment...sometimes.

  2. Ahhh! the french. did not the french invent the canoe? it certainly seems to be some type of french invention! it seems so impractical and unstable in any kind of rough weather; sort of like the french and their willingness to easily just sort of give up. know what I mean? so, lets blame the french!

    1. But it (the canoe) works so very well 'up north' in the Voyageurs (BWCA, Quetico, Voyageurs NP, etc). Paddle where possible, wear it like a hat when you need to walk to the next body of water.

      My mind boggles at the sheer awesomeness of those who paddled from Montreal to Grand Portage in 12 man canoes... Lake Superior in a canoe.