Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Shave of the Day

Colorado Designs two band badger brush, Turtleship Lime soap, WCS 84B razor with an Astra blade,  Proraso green aftershave.

Two nice passes and a fine shave.

The Turtleship really produced a great aromatic lather this morning.  Very enjoyable.


  1. I'm jealous -- it looks like you must have about 20 different brushes, at least a dozen razors, and a foot locker of different soaps!

    1. I've got a few, but with the LT staying here a couple weeks, he added his stuff to mine and voila!
      Vintage straight razors are actually pretty reasonable on sites like etsy or ebay. You can spend a lot, or a little, what ever you feel like. The soaps are cheap and a tub lasts forever. One of my favorite brushes is a nine dollar model from Omega. It's a fun hobby and really not that costly, unless you want it to be,

  2. Love the shaving posts...I've been a safety razor shaver for a few years (being cheap and rejecting the cartridge is so much better). You are motivating me to be daring and go straight!