Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dang, I want one of these! Father's Day!


  1. I got one 4 years ago for FD, We use it all the time, needs hand washing and makes big burgers.

    - greetings from sunny Pine Grove

  2. I bought one of these a while back. I got a great deal on a four
    burner plus sear burner gas grill. Being a hopeless geardo, I
    bought every accessory I could find. I even picked up a retro
    type Coleman cooler, fabricated and painted a steel backing plate
    to mount a classic style Coca Cola bottle opener on the grill.

    Then came a collection of crimp cap painted classic sodas like
    Bubble Up, Nehi, Dr. Pepper with classic logo, Hires Root Beer,
    grape, orange and strawberry Crush, etc. It took me back to
    the sixties and the barbeques by Uncle held in his backyard!