Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The booster seat Zuck sat on during his testimony to Congress

News you need to know.   I didn't realize he was that short.

Then again, androids/robots can be short.


  1. That explains the Napoleon complex.

  2. After all the money he has spent on buying congresscritters he deserves the special treatment.

  3. Seesh.....I'm a 63 year old fat upper midwestener......the kind that shillary pisses on when she flies over......even I can see this as bad theater. This "testimony" to Congress would have NEVER HAPPENED; if that analytica thingy had been kept quiet.
    Do you really think that the congresscritters are doing this for YOUR safety!?!?!?! HEH, the analytica thingy is causing the demoncrats to purge their bowels.....because the WRONG PEOPLE GOT THE INFORMATION!!!!!!
    It was ok for zucker to GIVE that info to the demoncrats and nobody says a word! But, GOD FORBID that Trump use any of that info.
    HEH, I would like to see the list of congresscritters sitting there and how much money each of them received from zucky.....also, how much money they will receive AFTER all this blows over.
    And once again we are another "disaster" further away from shillary's crimes.


  4. The booster seat is...embarrassing. Not for me, obviously, but it should be for him. Of course, if he sat there looking like a six year old child, that would have been embarrassing too. He's a weird cat.