Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Art of Speed


  1. I believe you are correct, Ed.

    My older brother worshiped him and a couple other F1 racers. While living in Germany, my brother went to a number of major races. He still has a big 'Continental Tires' banner that he stole from the Schwalbenschwanz curve at the Nuerburgring.
    I was very saddened Jim Clark died at Hockenheim. I went to the 'Jim Clark Memorial Race' at the Hockenheimring some years after his death. There was a small memorial near the spot of the crash. Now that the Hockenheimring has been greatly altered, it is difficult to access his memorial.

  2. When I was a kid I had the green one in die cast metal. The steering wheel actually worked, it had actual rubber slicks - and it would be right at home sitting on your desk or bookshelf today. They don't make toys like that anymore.

    If I had it today I could sell it to a collector for big $$$.

  3. They were powered by A BRM flat 16 183 cubic inch engine. If you go to you tube and search BRM, you can listen to the sexiest howling engine you will ever hear.