Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Art of Speed

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  1. It looked fast. I had a '62 356B cabriolet that had the high power engine, the 1.6L SC model. It was the most powerful 356 power plant up until that point at 74 HP. It got great fuel mileage and handled great. It did the quarter mile in 19 seconds at 70 miles per hour. It was supposed to have a top speed of 107 but the most I could get out of mine was just barely over the century mark.

    I got the car as the second owner at 17 years old in '78 for $3200. A gynecologist had bought it new and drove it for 16 years and had upgraded to a 930. It had 85K miles on it when I got it. I got rid of it less than a year latter wanting something with a bit more power.