Thursday, March 8, 2018

That's Heavy

  • This 1041lbs is the "elephant bar" deadlift record. It's a fairly new type of deadlift bar. How much easier or harder it is its up to debate.
  • This was done after 3 previous events (including an 1100lb frame carry up a 35ft ramp)
  • The powerlifting world record (standard bar, raw, belt only) is 1015lbs by Benedikt Magnússon.
  • The Strongman record (standard bar, single ply suit, straps, belt) is 1100lbs and held by Eddie Hall.
More on the elephant bar. 
Longer. Bends more as a result. Custom plates.
  • Because it bends, there's technically less weight being pulled for the first couple of inches. 
  • The bend of the bar can make it whip/sway/bounce on the way up. This creates non-consistent downward force as you're trying to pull it up.