Monday, March 5, 2018

Mondays are for dummies


  1. In EMS, we used to call that a "yard sale".


  2. plainly shows the advantage of being firmly belted into the seats and riding out the disaster. let the machine do what the engineers designed it to do and absorb the damage and help you survive. flopping around in the dirt and dying in agony is not a good thing.
    picking up the pieces after an aircraft crash(a somewhat higher energy event) we used to call finding the spoonables.

    1. Saw what happens when a donorcycle strikes a full sized pickup truck at very high speed head-on. The splash of the body covered a fan for about 150'. Lots of little plastic bags being used for 'body collection.' Yuck.

  3. Saw a pickup do that about 300 yards in front of me one day on the interstate. Mix of stupid, drugs and booze. Driver catapulted up and slid on his face for 50 feet. Girlfriend was catapulted into a swamp and pretty much through a tree.

    He survived, and his dumb-ass wife took him back. His girlfriend did not. And he managed to escape any real charges even though he was coked to the gills, tanked on booze and driving on a suspended license due to a DUI. Only got called 7 times to be a witness at his trial (kept on getting postponed.) Finally got to testify, and because he entered a drug and booze rehab program, the progressive judge and jury gave him an easy out.

    I would have sent him to Death Row, myself. He got his one major warning when he had his license suspended.