Saturday, March 10, 2018

Jack Chrisman with his Bustle Bomb & Wally Parks (founder of NHRA) at front of his truck - 1958


  1. All the racing formats have been seriously degraded by the insistence on uniform cars, as if that were basic fairness or something.

    No more Paxton/Granatelli/STP Turbo cars for you! No more Parnelli Jones lapping the field. Just about the only good thing to happen in 1968. Best thing ever for Indy.

  2. yeah, that is something that has annoyed the hell out of me for some time. back in the 60s and 70 i would actually look forward to group 7 racing to start. or the le mans 24 with an unlimited prototype class. top fuel nhra isn't too bad but indy and nascar sucks the slime right off the bottom of the pond what with their insistence on "fairness and equal competition". I do not care about fair. or equal. all that rulemaking crap is only there to give the suits something to do. just get yer ass out there and win the damn race! all the rules really helped level the field for danica patrick did they not???? a dominant team is dominant for a good reason. racing should not be about the rules. it should be about winning and advancing the technology down the road. win on sunday sell the cars on monday. only race that was full of rules that was worth squat was IROC, but that too turned into a bunch of Priuses slow leaking around the track. how about a nascar race where they have to turn right for a change......

    1. Bring back the days of "a wheel in each corner, and everything in the middle is fair game" and the nicest thing you could say to a crew chief is "You're one cheating son-of-a-bitch."

      Somewhere, Smokey Yunick is drinking whiskey and cussing.