Monday, March 12, 2018

I'd like to see this going down the freeway sometime.

The Ramcharger’s High & Mighty  1958

1949 Plymouth three window business coupe with a 354 Hemi and 392 heads, credited as using the first ever tunnel ram intake w / twin Carter carbs and of course the 48″ long Megaphone exhaust. The rear frame rails were cut back and suspension moved forward, with the front end lifted 12″ higher.
The Ramcharger’s team was led by Tom Hoover and was made up of engineers who built the car using the engineering principle of “Accelerate a vehicle over a fixed distance in the minimal elapsed time.”

The cars best time was in the 11′s at 117 mph.


  1. I think this was the precursor to the Ramchargers factory-supported Dodge drag racing team, famed during the A/FX and Super Stock middle 60's.

    1. I wonder how a megaphone exhaust would look on my Dodge truck?

  2. I'm willing to bet that you would hear that car long before you saw it.