Saturday, January 6, 2018

Said to be a super handy tool if you might need to pull heavy stuff.


  1. LOL - Another one of those things I'd love to have, and could actually use, but can't afford! But, I have a lawn tractor and 4x4 truck, so I get by as best I can.

    1. As do we all. I just read about a guy getting his truck pulled out of the ditch more or less effortlessly by another motorist with one of these. I take my old truck way back in the sticks occasionally, and something like this might be good to have in reserve. I'm gonna do a little more research and save my shekels.

    2. I always carried a come-along on my living and working in the backwoods. I never, ever used it. Whenever I really needed one, I never had enough line to anchor to anything! Correction, the only time I used it was to pull my fender back out after its impact with a deer. PS, he is standing way too close to the cable. Those winches have a remote control line for a reason.

    3. Your right, Barney. I've done enough farming and logging to see my share of ropes, cables and chains flying through the air.