Friday, January 5, 2018

I well recall the look on the face of the gas station attendant in Ashland when I leapt athletically out of my car and reached for the nozzle to fill up.

Ashland is the first town over the border from Cali, and even though I'd lived in the next state south all my life, I'd never heard that it was illegal to pump your own gas in Lower Portlandia.   It actually took some explaining from the attendant to convince me he wasn't pulling my leg and I really wasn't allowed to do that.


  1. "Lower Portlandia" - indeed.

  2. But "green gas" should be good for the environment! - lol

  3. What disturbs me is that the nozzles for the green gas aren't made to fit in the fillers of the non-green vehicles.
    So somebody has to be really muy estupido.

    That said, having lived near that border and visited the south part of Oregon, I found the natives to be very different from those of Portlandia.

  4. green..... is that the diesel pump?

  5. Heh, some diesel pumps have smaller nozzles for cars and pickups. Although my VW diesel fill tube will take the big OTR truck nozzle also. Is this a real thing in Oregon?