Monday, January 8, 2018

Ghost Pepper

The Wing Commander and I are testing the heat in some ghost peppers someone gave us.

Lemme tell you, those bad boys are hot.

The ghost pepper in question, with the test slice removed

We tested by nibbling off the tiniest bit we could, and that set off the fire.

The test slice, and the nibble.

A very slightly larger nibble, and it was a dash into the kitchen for milk (water doesn't help this kind of fire).

This stuff is no joke hot.  Don't ever let anyone goad you into eating an entire one of these.


  1. I have bags of Ghost pepper, Trinidad Scorpion and Trinidad
    Scorpion Moruga, Carolina Reaper pepper seeds. I have
    found these species to be very difficult grow even in a
    desert environment.

    Too much or too little water, they die. Too much or too
    little sunlight, they die. Too hot or too cold, they die.
    Transplant shock, damping off disease, etc...

    I am an industrial mechanic and electrician, not a gardener or
    farmer. About 6 months ago, I had a plain bean burrito with some
    diced onions. I overused some Trinidad Scorpion Moruga sauce.
    My next visit to the Loo was like some kind of Midieval torture.
    It was like passing burning Napalm! It took at least 2 days for
    my stomach to return to normal.

    Since he just commented on President Trump, I have to share a
    Scott Adams post from his Blog on the subject of chili peppers:

    1. Yep, that was funny! Truly hot peppers are like handling nuclear waste - it must be done very, very carefully.

  2. Ghost peppers ( Bhut Jolokia ) are great! I can't always get them where I live & that's a shame. Most are surprised I can eat them because I'm a Gringo. I eat 1 Habanero per day when I can get them. Ghost chili has the advantage of only eating one half of one per day, which give you the same heat for less cost. I'd love to try the Scorpion or Carolina for a treat. The hottest sauces I've tried are Dave's Total Insanity & the hottest yet, Vicious Viper.

  3. Ate a piece about that size. Coworker brought them in. He said he didn't know what they were. That slice BURNED for 15 minutes even while I ate a box of triskets.

    Never be the first to sample.

    It was hotter than hot.

    I did not think it had much flavor but thats just me....

  4. Nope, I like hot peppers but that is too hot for me. I have a crossbreed jalapeño and Thai Peri-Peri that has been really good this past year. They were hotter than the habanero peppers that I had last year.

  5. You should have worn latex gloves while performing your culinary experiment. Handling the ghost in your unprotected hand is a recipe for disaster. The oil gets in the skin and will not wash away. Next time you go to answer nature's call, you'll find out who your real friends are..........

  6. I used to make my green chili with XXX peppers-now they're not ghost pepper hot but they're hotter then most can take. Nowadays I use mild peppers and that's plenty. I remember once I had some Dave's Insanity habanero sauce and my mouth just clamped shut.