Sunday, January 21, 2018

Heh, yes! Do it!

"Excellent Horse-like Lady"

This is apparently a term used in Korea describing a smart and energetic woman.

Here is our Excellent Horse-Like Lady

She fine.

Here in the Occident, we also have a term that compares certain horsey characteristics with people.

Bring on the Winter and the snow

Why I avoid mud holes

Getting away from it all.

Chinese Wife survives bitter cold snowstorm by making stir fry. Or is that an ash fall of pollution from Beijing?

Meanwhile, halfway around the world, Occidental Wife makes sausage, egg and toast, in flannel jammies, and look good while doing it.

We who live in earthquake country know it's important to keep a pair of shoes by your bedside at all times

After the shaker hits, you need shoes to walk through all the broken stuff that's inevitably all over the floor, and which you can't see well because the power is off.  You'll never find your shoes unless you've got a pair right there and ready.  Word.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

F-86 Sabre Jet

Has to be a good read

"Wife Her" Chinese Girl makes something to eat

And maintains her completely spotless appearance throughout.

Also, Honorable Chinese Girl foolishly risk falling out of tree, breaking neck, and ending Youtube career.

Government "Shutdown" general effects

Post office
The US Postal Service is an independent agency of the federal government. Post offices will not be affected. Mail will continue to be delivered.

Social Security
Checks will still be in the mail. But new applications will not be processed until the shutdown ends.
National parks
Unlike the last shutdown, some plan to remain open. Those with safety or staffing issues will close.
Museums and monuments
You will have to cancel that visit to the Statue of Liberty, Lincoln Memorial and other well-known sites. The Smithsonian and the National Zoo plan to stay open for the weekend, but shut starting Monday.
Airports will stay open. During the last shutdown, more than 14,000 air traffic controllers were ordered to keep working without pay. In a worst-case scenario, delays might be encountered depending on which employees are deemed “non-essential.”
If you need one, hurry up. Passport services will end within a short time depending on when funding runs out.
Immigration services
Most employees of the Department of Homeland Security are considered essential and will remain on the job. Immigration services are mostly self-funded, so those offices will continue operating.


CW, the later years

Me when I first laid eyes on the future Mrs. CW

The Art of Speed

Catflix and Chill




Friday, January 19, 2018

Rincolisky Castle, County Cork, Ireland

The castle was built on a hill above Roaringwater Bay by the O'Driscolls in 1495.  It was taken by English forces after the Battle of Kinsale in 1602 and then given to Sir Walter Coppinger, who changed the name to Whitehall Castle, after the nearby town of Whitehall. The Coppingers lost possession of the castle in 1690 for supporting James II and it was then given to Samuel Townsend. The Townsends built a new mansion nearby called Whitehall House and removed the top three floors of Rincolisky Castle to use as building material for their new home. The bottom two storeys of the castle were then left to ruin. In 2000, these bottom two storeys were renovated and the castle is in use today as a vacation rental property. 
For rental inquiries please see the Castle’s page on  

Well, well, a little snow fell last night

Friday Open Road

Professor Peterson's sensational book

Start your day with something beautiful

Pow Surf 101 from Kurtis Jackson on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dreadlock Dog


Interior of a large ship flexing in heavy seas

Jeff Bezos is now worth $105 billion. Here's a picture of him, running his mighty online empire, in 1999.

Cher's mugshot after being booked in 1959, at age 13

                                           She was booked on 3 charges:
                                            1) Consorting with gypsies
                                            2) Talking like a tramp.
                                            3) Suspicion of thievery.