Sunday, December 16, 2018

Cold and Quiet


Wild Iceland

A Royal Air Force F-35 Lightning II, U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle, and French air force Dassault Rafale fly behind a U.S. Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker from the 100th Air Refueling Wing during Exercise Point Blank over the English Channel, Nov. 27, 2018.

U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Luke Milano

Miscellaneous stuff around the house

Two red tail hawks were having a very vocal courtship in the trees out back, calling loudly to each other and flying back and forth to different perches.  Here's one of them.   I had a tough time getting good photos until I turned of the camera's autofocus feature.  It kept trying to focus on the branches right in front of the hawks. 

I'm sure they were mating.  If so, the next generation of Red Tails is assured.  Ultimately, they ended up together on top of one of the neighbors trees.  Cool.

The cat was fascinated by the raptor's antics, and sat out on the deck watching.  I had to make loud kissing sounds to get her to turn and look at me.

Copied some old photos.  This one is of a rare snowfall in Sonora, Ca., where the folks lived in the 60's.  For the cognoscenti, their place was up on Myers Hill.  I've got a mailbox very much like that one even today.

Remember these?  The hooks of choice for Sierra Nevada trout fishermen.  And 20 cents for a card of hooks - not a bad price at all.  Genuine American made, with extra sharp points.

Here's a real oldy.  It's the Golden Rule Mine up in Tuolumne County, and the guy in the overalls and  dark shirt is my mom's dad.  I'm thinking 40's or early 50's for this photo.

It was a hard rock job for hard men.  The old man was always proud that he could take down more rock with less dynamite than anyone else.

That's one wrinkly dog tongue in there.

Everything is right in this image

The Art of Speed

I should be able to dress like this for work. People would give a guy more respect if he was in armor and had a blade on his belt.

Cabin, Island, Float Plane. What's not to like?

Clara Bow smolders


Trash can WILL collide with your car

Phantom Excellence

Flying High

Prep for next summer's BBQ season

Catch that Ride

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Indian on an Indian, 1910

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, 1958

John Deere 3522 Sugar Cane Harvester owned and operated by the Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company

One spooky looking machine!

The latest from the NASA Insight Lander on Mars

Just the latest successful intercept and landing on the Martian surface by the nation that does not use the metric system.

A picture from the surface, taken by the lander itself.  Cool.

Shave of the Day

Two and a half careful passes.

The shaving cream is Norwegian, from Fitjar, and has a very pleasing juniper scent.

The edge is from Portland razor, and the aftershave is Stirling's Gin and Tonic.


Compatible with a Go Pro camera

Future enemies

Big water expected on the California coast this weekend.

The National Weather Service issued a high surf warning from Sunday morning into Monday night with waves breaking between 25 to 46 feet down the Bay Area coastline. 
The waves at Ocean Beach were churning like a washing machine Friday. 
Some areas like the Mavericks could see waves exceeding a height of 50 feet. 
Meteorologists say those conditions will bring an increased risk of rip currents and sneaker waves. 
"These are dangerously large waves. The Pacific ocean water is cold, between 58 and 60°," a weather expert for the NWS said. "If you get pulled out in that it's going to be bad news." 
Late Friday afternoon, the San Francisco Department of Emergency management urged the public to stay away from Ocean Beach from Sunday until Monday. 
City officials say the dangerous waves could reach the sea wall, which means people walking on sand could find themselves chest deep in water. 
Organizers for the Mavericks Surf Contest fear the waves will be too big and decided to put the contest on hold. 

I like this lever action

Royal Air Mail Service car and aircraft at Croydon Airport, 1935

Halberd of the guard of the Electors of Saxony, Germany

Wow, if this isn't a very thinly veiled threat of an military coup if things don't change, I don't know what is.

Macron accused of treason by French generals for signing UN Migration Pact.

Macron is probably having nightmares involving this device:

But if his head goes on the block, so should the heads of all the French political elite, 'Pour encourager les autres'.

General Antoine Martinez has written the letter signed by ten other generals, an admiral and colonel, and also includes former French Minister of Defense Charles Millon. 
They’ve given strong warning that Macron’s signing the U.N. Global Migration Pact strips France of even more sovereignty providing an additional reason for “an already battered people” to “revolt”.
The highly decorated military co-signees assert that the beleaguered Macron is “guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation” for signing the migration pact without putting it to the people.
When you join up with Tante Merkel in replacing the people of your country with another, you risk their righteous wrath, and rightfully so.  
The fuse is lit in France, and who really knows if it can be extinguished without an explosion.  If I was an African or Muslim in France right now, I'd be heading for the exit before it is too late.

Macron et Charles De Gaulle?!?  ;-)

A heavy load of global warming

Nice Mach Rings


Thanks, Whiskers...


The bike's running a little hot

Hot Tail, F-4 Phantom style.

On the run