Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The 23-metre (75ft) vessel, thought to be ancient Greek, was discovered with its mast, rudders and rowing benches all present and correct just over a mile below the surface. A lack of oxygen at that depth preserved it, the researchers said.
The same kind of boat as on this Greek pottery.
Next, they need to find a Viking Longboat.  There's gotta be one or two down there somewhere.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Angry Bird & Puzzled Bird

Freckles, they are good.

Getting smarter. Soon, human, soon....

Shave of the Day just now.

My Derby blade is getting dull.

Adolph Pégoud, King of the Sky (1889-1915)

The first fighter ace.
A sense of wonder and heroism emanated from the fighter pilots of the Great War.  Perhaps the first generation of the war’s flyers were the greatest of them all, and few greater than Adolph Pégoud, le Roi de Ciel.
Like many others of the world war’s first pilots, Pégoud had been a trick flyer before the war, making dazzling aerial displays in shaky, primitive aircraft. In 1913, as a test pilot, he flew his plane in a loop, the first pilot to do so.  In shaky craft made from plywood and liable to break up at any minute, Pégoud’s job took guts.  Later, he became the first man to jump out of a plane with a parachute, so there was no surprise when Pégoud volunteered immediately to fly planes for the French Army at the outbreak of the war.
Flying a two-seater biplane, Pégoud went beyond his reconnaissance duties. On the 5th of February, he and his observer shot down two German machines and forced another to land.  In the war’s early days, with aerial combat still a rarity, forcing another plane to land counted as a kill. By April, Pégoud had reached a tally of five, becoming history’s first fighter ace.
The massacre in the trenches horrified civilians in every nation, but the exploits of these daring airmen offered them a much-needed glimpse of nobility. As British historian Alistair Horne wrote: “”Never since the Middle Ages and the invention of the longbow had the battlefields of Europe seen this kind of single combat. When the champions of either side met to fight spectacular duels in and out of the clouds, the rest of the war seemed forgotten; even the man in the trenches paused to watch, as the hosts of Greece and Troy stood by when Hector and Achilles fought.” Little wonder that the most successful pilots began to garner cults of personality, adored by the press and the general public. The military latched on to the idea and awarded the best pilots.  Five kills made one an ace, or for the Germans, an Überkanonen, “top gun”.
For his kills, Pégoud won the Croix de Guerre, and recognition as the first fighter ace in history.  His streak continued in July, when another kill brought his score to six, but he met his match in August while on a sortie east of Belfort to intercept a German observation plane.  Suddenly, a German fighter plane streaked into view to rescue Pégoud’s intended prey.  Pégoud turned to face this upstart challenger, and entered his last combat, unknowingly facing against a flying student of his from before the war, Unteroffizier Walter Kandulski.  A shot from Kandulski’s gunner struck Pégoud in the head, and the 26 year-old’s plane tumbled to the ground.  Kandulski flew over Pégoud’s airdrome later in the day to drop a funeral wreath in commemoration of his old teacher.

Shockwave on the sun generated by a solar flare.

Load the Guppy up

The Aero Spacelines Super Guppy. from r/interestingasfuck

Having fun with that expensive government helicopter.

Always have a good rope around.


The lines on this

The Art of Speed

Aggressive Sailing


Saturday, October 20, 2018

A British M32 ARV pass by American GIs inspecting a Sturmtiger. February 28th, 1945

Mercedes F1 steering wheels from 1954 and 2014

Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland. Very spooky.

I should set one of these up in the barn. Who knows what critters wander in and out of there during the night.

Dean Martin and Angie Dickinson on the set of “Rio Bravo” 1959

USS Kansas City

Leaving Tahiti

The Art of Speed

Freckles, they are good.

Dangerous Elegance

Shave of the Day

Vikings Blade shave cream (thanks, Gabby!), Pete's Fissure 8 Eruption King Shave synthetic brush, Ascension Double Open Comb razor with a Derby blade, Teacher's Pet apple scented aftershave.

Nice smooth shave.

Looks like serious artillery

Russian 152-mm self-propelled artillery 2S19 “Msta-S”.

Best political ad I've seen, by some random guy.

Milicienne Vietnamienne

Never give up

Rex is outta here


Old time transportation.

Jetting into Saturday

Ali dodges 21 punches in ten seconds

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Friday, October 19, 2018

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Parallel landing at SFO

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Buck toothed and sleepy is no way to go through life, son.

Theme: Redheads

What a way to make a paycheck. A 384th Bomb Group tail gunner inside his new “Cheyenne” style position, March 1944.


The Army has successfully fired a 155mm artillery round 38.5 miles. Hello from Uncle Sam!

“We just doubled the range of our artillery at Yuma Proving Ground,” Gen. John Murray, Commanding General of Army Futures Command, told reporters at the recent Association of the United States Army Annual Symposium.
Currently, most land-fired artillery shot from an M777 Towed Howitzer or Self-Propelled Howitzer are able to pinpoint targets out to 18.6 miles - so hitting 38.5 miles marks a substantial leap forward in offensive attack capability.
In a concurrent related effort, the Army is also engineering an adaptation to existing 155mm rounds which will extend range an additional 10km out to 40km.
Fired from an existing Howitzer artillery cannon, the new XM1113 round uses ram jet rocket technology to deliver more thrust to the round.
"The XM1113 uses a large high-performance rocket motor that delivers nearly three times the amount of thrust when compared to the legacy M549A1 RAP," Ductri Nguyen, XM1113 Integrated Product Team Lead.” "Its exterior profile shape has also been streamlined for lower drag to achieve the 40-plus kilometers when fired from the existing fielded 39-caliber 155mm weapon systems."
These developments are needed to keep up with very good long range systems in use by the Russians and Chinese, who deeply believe in the utility of artillery, and have proven the truth of that view in the Ukraine.

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