Thursday, November 9, 2017

Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders wears soldier's field jacket for president’s failed mission to the DMZ – after he took pity on her for being cold

The tough-girl Trump spokeswoman put the coat on right over her dress and pearls.
A reporter on the scene said Sanders, arms crossed to conserve heat, 'was shivering' and an Army Ranger lent her his coat.
Insignia on the Army Combat Uniform jacket identified it as belonging to a chief warrant officer named Zizelman.
Still a few real men out there, it seems.


  1. Oddly enough, you'll find loads of them in the US Army.

  2. It looks good on her. She is just one of those women who are plum-beautiful just because... Not gorgeous unattainable beautiful, but the beautiful strong type you marry for life, and to make a life.

  3. My Dad served in the Navy, ended up a Commander. He spent a lot of time on carriers off Korea, and had some hair-raising photos of the icy conditions on the flight deck. In the black-and-white of old photos, it looked like frozen Hell.

    He never talked much about what he did in the war, but he never failed to say that Korea was a great place to freeze your butt off!