Thursday, November 9, 2017

This amazing map illustrates a complex utopian scheme for a radically-restructured European unification after World War I.

Utopian is right. It's the earliest EU idea put into action, or at least on paper.   And what a flag!

This European Union would exclude Scandinavia, Ireland and the UK, Spain and Portugal, most of Italy (to be transformed into a Papal State) and the Russian Empire. Also independent: Bulgaria, Greece (including Sicily and the southern tip of Italy) and a Serbian-Albanian Empire. The three entry points to the Mediterranean would be turned into neutral zones: Suez, Gibraltar-Ceuta and Constantinople (including the Dardanelles). Palestine would be turned into a Hebrew Empire.
So, where does this fantastic map come from? The author is a P.A.M., tentatively identified as P.A. Maas, the son of Otto Maas, the Vienna-based printer of the 24-page pamphlet in which the map appears.  

The pamphlet offers a critique of the recently-concluded Treaty of Versailles, which it sees as an obstacle to lasting peace. In my project, the author says,
“the nation states are definitely torn apart, but they are as it were joined together under one roof, by creating sub-regions in which all nations are fused (…), in which racial hatred does not prevail as before, but the love of the people wins out, thus bestowing happiness and blessings on all in that unitary nation”.
The arbitrariness of the 24 cantons, each named after their capital, was meant to “solve and bury forever” the traditional disputes between the peoples of Europe. All the cantons would meet at St Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.

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