Tuesday, November 7, 2017

They just wanted to get dim sum cool stuff from their trip

Three UCLA mens basketball players have been arrested for shoplifting in Communist China.  A brilliant move, worthy of the intellectual giants that are admitted these days to UCLA as "scholar/athletes."   Coach Wooden would appalled at their wonton acts of stupidity.

The three amigos...er, scholars, or maybe it's athletes.  That guy on the left is a STEM major, I'm sure.

The UCLA trio of  LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill were allegedly caught attempting to steal items from a Louis Vuitton store that was next to the hotel. Twenty police officers showed up to the hotel at 8 a.m. and sequestered the Bruins and Yellow Jackets players in a room for question “for hours.”  Later, the UCLA players were seen entering a police vehicle and are reportedly no longer with rest of the team, which departed for Shanghai in the afternoon, abandoning the "scholar/athletes to their fate.  Officials from an American university will pull no weight with Chinese authorities.

Most likely, they are being held in a tiny cell designed for much smaller Chinese people, being fed tiny rations appropriate for locals but not for big beef eating Americans, and have been stripped of all their belongings and given super small jail overalls.  The beds must be ridiculous for big basketball players.

I seriously doubt there is a presumption of innocence in Red China.  Or that they get a public defender, or even an interpreter.  Chit just got real for three really stupid baby thugs.  I mean, how in the world do you visit that foreign country and immediately manage to draw the attention of the police and get yourself arrested? 

William Nee, a Hong Kong-based researcher for Amnesty International, said that those detained for crimes in China could “be detained for more than a month without American-style bail before local prosecutors even decide whether to press charges.”  Conviction would result in a sentence of 3 to 10 years. Nee added that the United States consulate could intervene to try and negotiate a quicker resolution to the case.

Jail time in China for them would be a very memorable experience.    They better hope political considerations get them out and home right quick.


  1. Yet again, three more reasons why in-breeding is not the answer. I hope the prosecutors throw the book at them. Watch them squeal for Pres. Trump to bail them out. Let these punk-asses squirm and cry for their mommas who'll claim that their sons are "good boys and never done anything wrong."

  2. Stealing "souvenirs" available for sale in the U.S. In China, the po-leece don't pah-lay.

  3. All I can say is HA ! HA ! Dumb asses

  4. Their parents should ground them for a year. What? Only ONE known parent? Then they should ground the parent as well for foisting these POS's upon society.

  5. But they din do nuttin....

  6. They'd better arrange for someone to take their exams for them for a while ... oh wait.

  7. Nothing to worry about, I'm sure their well-developed sense of entitlement will get them out straight away!

    After all, Dindu Nuffins never have to account for their actions here, so it's the same there, right? Oh, you mean China doesn't have PC like we do?

    Well, in that case- bye bye, babies, bye bye!

    (I hope President Trump doesn't do anything for them, they are an embarrassment and should be left on their own.)

  8. maybe they will learn morals in prison.