Saturday, November 4, 2017

PBS forced to Shut Down live Event For Hillary Clinton After Facebook Users Destroy Her With Brutal Comments

PBS had a live feed on Facebook for the “Democratic Woman of the Year Award” to Hillary Clinton, but as they say over at SDA, things went horribly wrong.  The comments were so overwhelmingly negative that PBS finally announced they were shutting down the live feed on Facebook and moving it over to YouTube.  Naturally, Youtube  conveniently disabled comments.

A sample:

Hillary must have felt like the city of Raqqa after the Marines got through shelling it.


  1. The blush is off the rose, Hillary.

    I guess the sale of "I'm with Her" stickers will be declining.

  2. every time i see a subaru with obama or hildabeast stickers on the back end i still laugh out loud.
    best bumpersticker i have seen in CO is "Republican because not every one can be on welfare". sadly, not to many of those

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