Tuesday, November 14, 2017

It's 3:35 am, and the wife and I just came in from the back yard. The dogs treed another family of raccoons, and were making a crazy racket with their barking.

We had to bring them in so the raccoons could go on their way, and so they'd stop their insane barking.  I'm sure the raccoons would tear them up if they got into it.  All I need is a big vet bill.

Maybe I need to pop those critters, and make them into one of these:

At least we think they were raccoons, but it was so dark, and the tree where the action was occurring is brushy, so we didn't see what was in there. 
Probably this was lurking in the brushy darkness.

I did see three amazing shooting stars.  One left a great glowing trail, and another other zipped right across Orion.  It's been raining today, but the clouds have cleared, and a mysterious mist was rising in the field down below the house.  A great night.  


  1. The dogs will call it "The Night of the Raccoon".

  2. I bought one of those cheap coonskin caps a few years ago at a sporting goods store here in Vernal, Utah.

    At THE ALAMO web site (yes, it's the actual "THE" ALAMO!), they used to sell the genuine article for adults, costing approximately $85.00, but now I can't find it there.

    I wore it this past Pioneer Day, 24 July 2017, along with my fringed moccasin boots and my fringed leather pullover shirt that I purchased from the SHEPLER'S web site.

    Other items that I've purchased from the SHEPLER'S web site are cowboy boots, a fancy cowboy shirt, and a fringed leather coat (long enough to cover my holstered revolver).

    This coming Thanksgiving, I've been invited to a dinner, so I'll wear that coonskin cap, fringed moccasin boots, and fringed leather pullover shirt.

    1. They're gonna love that. I should shoot a couple of the darned trash pandas that apparently cross my back yard at three in the morning, and make a hat out of the hide. I hear they're good eating too, but I doubt my wife would consent to coon stew.