Thursday, November 9, 2017

Good lord. This is the attitude that keeps people down, in poverty, and in jail.

What a genius this dude is.

In his introduction, Mitchel argued that communities should be able to decide for themselves what laws should be enforced. He argued that the ultimate goal of law enforcement is not the actual enforcement of law, but community safety as defined by the community itself. Mitchell cited theft from big box stores as an example of a crime that police and the community may view differently.
Everett, the community already has decided. They, as a community, elected representatives to government, who, together, passed laws that define what is criminal activity, and what is not.  You don't like that, then vote them out, but the law is the law, and it is legitimately established by the community.
To an approving murmur from the audience, Mitchell advocated,“I just don’t think that they should be prosecuting cases or [unintelligible] up cases for people who steal from Wal-Mart. I just don’t think that, right? I don’t think Target or all them other places, them big box stores that have insurance. They should be using justification, the fact that people steal from there as justification to start engaging in aggressive police practices, right?”
Everett, do you like having stores in your community to use when you need to get something, like groceries, or shoes, or medicine?   Then you can't bankrupt them by just taking their inventory.  To follow your advice is to ensure that they all close, and no others open.
He went on to argue that, “I go to these meetings and that’s what they throw up there on the table, ‘look at where all this crime is happening, at the East Towne and the West Towne Mall, and the Wal-Marts and Targets, that’s where crime is happening, that’s why we have to focus so much’…they do that all the time to justify why they’re going to over police our children.”
Everett, you and your families are the first ones responsible for "policing" your children.  YOU need to teach them right from wrong, and how to behave properly. Doing that job correctly ensures your kids never have a run in with the police because they broke the law.  Failure to teach your own children does not mean that the rest of society has to pay the price, or change the definition of deviant behavior down to accommodate you. Get with the program. It's been proven successful over thousands of years and many cultures.  It'll take decades to repair the damage done, so better get on it right this minute.
Mitchell formerly served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Dane County District Attorney’s Office and currently serves as the UW Director of Community Relations a job that, according to his LinkedIn profile, “Represent[s] the UW-Madison Chancellor’s Office and institutional positions on community development, education, broadening UW-Madison’s presence in the local community, nurturing partnerships, and cultural issues through membership on and leadership on various public and private boards, commissions and committees.”
PS, I recognize this article is from 2015, but perhaps the delusions voiced by Mr. Mitchell explain how privileged basketball players can somehow, beyond all common sense or need, go and get themselves arrested for stealing in China today.


  1. The saddest part is that this uneducated moron was employed as an Assistant District Attorney, and that he now acts as the UW Director of Community Relations.

    When people like him are the voices of his community, that community is broken. I don't know what the answer is, but preventing crime by not calling it crime isn't any solution!

  2. I'd like to ask Everett if I can come into his home and take his TV...he probably has insurance so it shouldn't be a crime....right??? IDIOT!!!!

  3. I lived in "The San Francisco of the Midwest, Madison, Wisconsin" for 10 years. I got to tell ya, this dude is representative of the culture in that town.
    One of the big box grocery stores in the "hood" closed their doors because they had rampant shoplifting. It was the only store within walking distance of all the section 8 housing in that area.
    Now its a U haul depot.


  4. Remember, it is ALWAYS Whitey's fault.

    Enforce the law and patrol where the crime is? "This police presence is oppressive and racist."

    Stay away from those places? "Those racist white people are ignoring our plight."

    Make drugs illegal? "They want to keep this racist law on the books to keep all the young brothas in jail for dealing a li'l dope, it's racism!"

    Legalize drugs? "They did this deliberately so that people of color would overdose and die, this is genocide, it's racism!"

    There is nothing you can do that won't result in them bringing out the R-word. It's meaningless. It's always been meaningless. Stop giving it power over you. Remember that the R-word was coined by Leon Trotsky, a Communist. It has never had any legitimacy or meaning.