Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Boat digs in it's bow, capsizes in the Jupiter Inlet, Florida


  1. The sea is a harsh mistress.

  2. He must've had a ton of fish on board....

  3. It's a pitchpole moment. It's the quadratic of sailing, sail/power, sea and angle off the bow. Experience teaches. It's a teaching moment when the whole bow buries itself and you go flying ass over mast.

  4. Oh yeah, siri moment, you only do it once. Once is enough

  5. I'm not a boater. What if anything did he do wrong? Could this have been avoided?

    1. I have to say that it is a maybe, one would have to be driving the boat to know.
      The operator is steering, playing the throttle, watching the waves in front, the waves behind and the rocks on the side and they all contribute to how the boat will react.
      Sometime it is a operators fault and at other times it is just the way that the water and waves work.

  6. I live in Jupiter and have seen all kinds of stuff happen in that inlet. We watched a boat take on water from behind. Everyone was yelling and waving at the people, to no avail. They sunk. It is treacherous sometimes.