Saturday, November 11, 2017

An antidote to that Candy Cane Sig I posted earlier


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    1. Very sweet, the way a good revolver should be.

  2. Some redemption in that for sure.

  3. Thanks. I had to take a couple extra metformin after that Sig..........

  4. What a beauty!

    Is that the Blackhawk? Haven't ever seen one like it, but that sure is nice!

    Looks like a big cylinder, but maybe it just seems that way because of the short barrel. Whatever it is, I want it!

  5. I'm going to make a semi-educated guess and say it's a "Clements Custom" Ruger Vaquero - (new-model) Bisley Version, .45 Colt - amazingly upgraded/modified for conceal cover. What a beauty!

    Some seriously big bucks, (well spent, in my opinion), not even accounting for the donor Vaquero, etc.

    A superbly beautiful classic that will never lose its luster.

  6. JRH Advanced Gunsmithing. Ruger, Old model Vaquero Dubbed Hellboy. Chambered in .500JRH